We at Richies believe in doing more than just what is required and ultimate excellence is only achieved in going that extra mile. That is why we offer more than just laundry services for your garments, but a whole suite of cleaning, restoration and alteration services.

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A full cleaning service for leather, suede and sheepskins!

Suedes and leathers need very specialist cleaning tailored to the individual  garments. Our specialised state-of-the-art leather, suede and sheepskin cleaning service combines new generation biodegradable soaps & conditioners together with a reduced agitation washing cycle. The soaps used are milder than domestic detergents.Through this cleaning process we can freshen up the look, feel and smell of your treasured jackets and boots.

Yes, we know how valuable your handbags are!
Our team endeavours to keep each individual piece as close to the original as possible. All our techniques and processes have been carefully developed using the latest products specifically designed for high quality leathers and fabrics. With every item we consider the look, feel and finish so that the results we achieve are second to none.

We care about your leather handbags as our own!

It's the little things that count the most!

Our alterations service takes care of those little things that can matter the most. Shirt missing a few buttons? Dress hem needs a slight adjustment or stitching up those annoying open seams… let Richies take care of these to give you a complete all around satisfying service.