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Richies Professional Office Cleaning Service

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A clean office is the path to an efficient and productive business

The cleanliness of your office environment can have a larger impact on your productivity than you might think. Many people are concerned with cleaning up their homes and keeping things nice and tidy but fail to give the same attention to office cleaning. A clean office will ultimately help you keep your office organised. Remember, a clean office environment is a comfortable one and helps your staff work better.

Richies office cleaning service is backed by a highly trained team of cleaning professionals that deliver the high standard of service that clients expect. Our team is also readily available on short notice and can be deployed the very next day. We assure you of a clean and pleasant working environment for you every time, all the time.

What's included in an Office Cleaning?

Our office cleaning service include the following.


  • Dusting and wiping tables and chairs
  • Dusting and wiping office furniture
  • Wiping of telephones, computers and office appliances
  • Vacuuming furniture
  • Vacuuming the office carpet and floors
  • Internal & external window cleaning
  • Vacuming AC duct grills
office cleaning

Kitchen, PANTRY & TOILET cleaning

  • Dust and wipe all accessible surfaces
  • Cleaning of kitchen sink and wet surfaces
  • Wash and sanitize the toilet and sink
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Empty and clean trash bins

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Richies Deep Cleaning Service

If you have not been conducting office cleaning on a regular basis or have not done so for a while, we strongly recommend our Office DEEP CLEANING service. Deep cleaning office entails a more thorough cleaning that reaches those hard to get areas, special foam vacuming and intensive cleaning of your furniture and floors, thorough scrubbing of kitchen, pantry and toilet.

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