Established in 2005...

We have combined quality and expertise to become Dubai's premier laundry and dry cleaning service!

Raising the bar in Quality Garment Care and Service!

Established in 2005, we at Richies are constantly learning, redefining and mastering the art of picking up, cleaning and delivering clothes with finesse and quality. Being an owner run operation ensures attention to every detail, and that ever so important personal touch to customer service. Our quality and expertise philosophy is deeply entrenched in earning our customers trust and this drives us daily in our promise to be nothing short of the best.

Through diligent research and experience, we are experts in our field, understanding textures, fabric quality, various types of cloth and their percentages of coalescence, the degree of stress required to remove stains, temperatures at which the garment becomes liberal but not vulnerable, and so much more. We’re not paranoid, just extremely thorough.

We treat each garment differently, the way it deserves to be cared for. That’s our passion, and it reflects in our work.

A New Breed of Professional Laundrymen

Our staff articulates our quality and expertise assurance to our customers in every aspect of our operations.

Backed by more than 10 years of experience in garment and linen handling, our team of over 100 professionals are trained to treat every garment and linen with utmost care combined with stringent hygienic standards.

Regular training from ISO training institutions help us keep up with changing standards and technology.

Apart from being extremely efficient, they are more importantly a shining example of honesty and integrity. In plain words, apart from the excellent cleaning – you will always find those keys you forgot in your jeans!

quality and expertise
Quality and expertise
  • A fleet of 15 delivery vans and over 100 professionals
  • State-of-the art equipment from USA, Germany and Japan
  • Per day capacity of up to 20 Tones of washing and dry cleaning with a reserve provision of 25% more.
  • The finest quality of European made detergents and chemicals are used
  • Regular pest control services in the plant, vans and staff accommodation

The 'key' principles our business is based upon

Our Philosophy

‘It's the service that makes the difference and the trust that makes it last’

Our Experience

'Building longstanding customer relationships for over 13 years'

Our Goal

'Total customer satisfaction,
first time, every time through quality and expertise.'

Our Values

‘Teamwork, respect, integrity, and welfare’

Our Resilience

'Forever learning, listening and adapting'


'ISO Certified (9001-2008)'